Monday, October 16, 2006

The RIGHT thing to do

They were amongst the last remaining Hindus in the newly spawned country.

He was standing in the middle of the only road leading out of their village towards what was supposed to be THEIR country now. It was also the path to certain death. Their Muslim bretheren were ready for them. Just like he was when his Muslims neighbours had fled their homes while he burnt them.

He could see his own house burning although he was facing away from it with his back to the boundry wall. He could see the flames in his 12 year old sister's eyes. He had blanked out everything. Even the low consistent moan of his mother sitting next to his fathers bleeding lifeless body. Then he heard her say....Son, kill us both, don't let them take us.

He took out the country pistol from underneath his kurta. His sister's eyes were dripping tears from the flames that were burning his house. He put the gun in her mouth, he wanted it to be quick.

She could feel the cold metal in her mouth. She could smell and taste of the gunpowder that was going to be her last memory. This was not right. Her baba had told her taking a life was not right in any circumstance. His brother was 18. He was taking the easy way out she tought. This was not the right thing to do. he was supposed to take care of her, protect her. He HAD to honour the rakhi she tied on his wrist. The burning sensation lasted for a second, as her lifeless body colapsed to the ground.

She had borne great pains to get her kids to the world. This was not what she had hoped for their future. But she couldn't imagine whatr the mob would do with them once they get hold of women. Their young son can take care of himself. Atleast the seed of their family will survive. That is all she wanted. She commanded her son to kill her. This was the right thing to do , atleast the family will continue....the gunshot was drowned by the sound of their grandfathers home buckling under the flames.

WHAT HAS HE DONE?? His father had succumbed to his wounds. The lifeless bodies of his family were in front of him. He had just killed his defenseless mom and sister. He didn't deserve a life. There was nothing to live for any more. He closed his eyes and pulled the trigger. That was the only thing left to do, the right thing to do....

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