Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The LIVE experience

People usually wonder why pay so much to hear an artist in concert? just go buy his/her cd...

Well the following are some lines from Jagjit singh's concert....not available on the usual album (well yeah you can buy the album of the concert but if u thought of that then tsk tsk tsk!)

mazar-e-kais par jab ruh-e-laila ek din aayi
to armanon ke murjhae hue kuch phool bhi layi...

lagi jab phool rakhne, to kabr se awaz ye aayi
chadana phool magar janemann, AHISTAAA AHISTAA!!

woh bedardi se sar kaatain ameer, aur main kahun unse..
huzooor ahista ahista, janab aahista....ahista.
[yahan huzoor aur janab main wahi farak hai jo lukhnow aur punjab main hai...juggu]


Ishwar said...

Doesn't Jagjit Singh know english?


Shreemoyee said...

I guess they go to see their idols in flesh and blood.