Friday, April 07, 2006

Just cynical?

Reel life taking on real life taking on reel life.....that is exactly what every body thought when a handfull of former IIT(yeah the same IIT that was mentioned by dilbert) students launched their own expected it got a lot of coverage....and the usual cynical urban youth of India saw a raw of hope (yup me too....).

We have a monthly online magazine here at my place of work. They ran an interview with one of the founder members of the party. This is what led me to their site and their "ideology" and "strategy". The Hidustan times article which tears the recent hit rang de basanti to shreads and refers to this party as one of the saviours we were waiting for is a case in point.

So why am I writing this? Take some time to go to the party's site and read their take on why they made the party and how they want to get around to implement it. Two things are disturbing:
1) You get an impression that a software engineer who HATES documentation went about writing it. I do not mean the presentation of it all, the issue is how the article simplifies the whole issue of a socitey to a relationship diagram (just like all those cpp books)
2) The whole thing seems to be an impulsive decision taken by some really bright young minds.

Well may I am just being cynical( old habits die hard!!)....they will be fighting the elections this time around in TN, pondichery and kerela I guess. I do wish them all the luck and hope to god I am completly wrong about the whole thing. Well anyway they did take a step unlike me who is sitting on his useless ass and writing this....well as i said old habit die hard.....and sometimes they are immortal!!

P.S: Take a look at their interview on the N.D.T.V site and you might agree with me.

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