Monday, April 24, 2006

Instant Karma?

There are a couple of temples on my way to office. If you have seen me drive, you know, I HATE slowing down. However, if you know the bangalore traffic you know that two wheelers will stop at will without any signal. Invariably , the tail light of these rides in question are out of commision. When you realise this guy in front of you is slowing down and you have no other choice but to follow suite, as there is NO SCOPE of overtaking them (trust me the gullys are that narrow).
Any way, you look at that guy in irritation and realise he doesn't have any time to get down and go inside so is cleansing himself of his sins (this is a dialy procedure so lets assume the sins are of the day before...) and you tend to give the driver a wry smile and carry on, slowing down that is.

The guy picks up speed for about a 100 yards and then starts slowing down again (WHAT THE?) turns out he prays in front of all the god's creations (the female type i assume). The MBA institute on the way if PERFECT for his devotion. AAAAAAAAAA......Now I understand why this guy has to cleans him self of his sins everyday. Get MOVING YOU F***. OR ATLEAST MOVE TO THE SIDE AND PRAY WITH SOME DEVOTION!!!


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