Friday, March 24, 2006


Wanted to write this ever since the cartoon row started. If you do not know what I am talkin about please move on to the next blog. Any way, me not being religious, as a matter of fact my being indifferent to any matter of race or religon makes me the wrong person to write this. But the fact is this reaction has NOTHING to do with any of those.

Got this impression after reading the biography of Malcom X . Well the fact is what the black americans, sorry the african americans went through is quite simillar to what the muslims feel (Indian muslims too). Atleast a section of them surely do. The apprehensions that the majority community of any group (group could ref to country, world, your friend circle...) have with any tight knit community would be simillar. Look at the few chinese people in Kolkota, the parsis in west India or the Muslim community. There is no denying the fact that minorities in any group ALWAYS endup strugling for what they want in the begining but if you do not allow your self to be used by other people you will not remain in that state. There is no right way of getting this done, tonnes of wrong ones though are being used currently. Nothing works out perfect. But everything can still be worked out.

P.S. If you read Alex Halley's book on X keep a few things in mind
1) Be objective 2) Do not judge the person till you have read the book, his part and Haley's impression of X. 3) Make up your own not let them do it for you!


Shubhraa said...

I do agree with you at some point (dont die of an heart attack). But as much as u should not try and be affected, it depends a lot on others too, to help u get there. The most recent and good example - the movie CRASH.


road_to_perdition said...

I think, any factor (religion, nationality, colour, language...) that goes into making a community a minority, becomes a binding force for those people. what might lead to violent transgressions and insurgency is the fear of losing that force to the unalike. And the fact that they are called 'minority' compounds that fear.