Thursday, March 09, 2006

As vasu says......Let the music spread. i'm outta hibernation.....y? goes..if you stay in b'lore and like
to listen to new artists, then I'm sure u must be a regular listener
of Radio city live.....yeah the play good music to.....sometimes ne way..

Ok, lets get to the point.....this band SWARATHMA was showcased
in one of the recent shows......If you like stuff from lucky route
(that means their first album ).....nd you don't mind if a band refuses to
play covers and wants to experiment...then give them a listen.....

The catch?? Radio city is organizing a concert on the 17th of march....2006
i.e.....these guys need your votes (unlike the elections there ARE worthy candidates)
if selected they get to play with PENTAGRAM!!! ne how here's a message from
Vasu Dixit.....


In case you missed our performance on the Radio City Live with Rohit Jayakaran aired on the 5th march ’06, you now have the opportunity to listen to bits of our performance. Just visit and yes...
Don’t forget to vote for us, if you like our music. Just type RCL G and send it to 7007 from your cell phone.

Thank you
vAsU dIxIt

Tell your friends. Let the music spread.

The first is a number in kannada.....the second one is in
spread the music....lets get a chance to hear them LIVE!!!!

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blabberash said...

i did listen to them these guys were good !!!