Saturday, May 22, 2004



Hi, I am Rahul. I am studying in the final year of my B.Com. course in Mumbai. Unlike most of my friends I stay with my parents.....
However, there is one part of my routine i really do enjoy. The college not being too far away from home i usually take the 8:30 am
bus instead of the usually preffered local train. Most of the people at the bus stop are regulars and are quite friendly to each other.
This morning was a bit special though, as i was waiting for the bus we had a new addition to the morning travellers.
This really pretty girl joined us at the stop. The attention of all the men was obviously now solely devoted towards her. Surprisingly,
the few women there were also looking at her. I thought of this as a great chance to make a new friend, and then my luck kicks in,
my bus arrives at the stop. On time for the first time in 3 months!!! Thanks a lot god. Anyway I shrug the disappointment and get on
the bus. As the bus starts to move I realise our new visitor did not join us. Now with nothing else to do I switch on my walkman and
retreat back to my own world, forgeting her.
The bus stops at church gate, about two stops before my college. I look up for a second and THIS IS NOT
POSSIBLE she just climbed on to the bus. But how could she???? I just left her back at that stop. I muster enough courage to go
up to her and talk to her. As soon as i get up the bus comes to a screeching halt. What now?? I ask my self. I must have been
thinking out loud because someone replied the battery is dead. Everybody starts to get off and in the commotion I lose sight of her.
So it will remain as another unsolved mystery.
Back to business, i have to get to the college or will be kicked out of the class. The only option to reach on time
will be to go by an autorikshaw. I wave to the first one in sight, but it already has someone in it. As the autorikshaw passes by i get
a glance of the passenger WHAT?? IT IS HER AGAIN!!!! This is it I start running behind the auto not seeing where I am going and before
I realise this gigantic bus is heading towards me. Over the sound of the traffic i hear a familiar is my mom. HUH?? " Rahul
get up or you will be late for college...." I get up bathed in sweat and out of breath....
I think of telling my mom about it over breakfast but decide not to and start reading the newspaper. On the page
which has local news there is an article on a college girl who was run over by a bus near church gate. The article also has a picture
and it seems familliar.........


head hoodoo said...

hmmm...1st of all u posted this at 6:18 in the MORNING!
dude!hv u ever heard of SLEEP.newys..good for about deja vu!

Anonymous said...

you know who it is's the response ... happy now ?

Sanjeeth said...

Iam not sure why all these dreamy boys are Rahuls?

Anonymous said...

I guess the guy above called sanjeeth has a problem with the name Rahul. I some how get a feeling that some Rahul "took away" the girl of his dreams.