Monday, May 18, 2009

Objects in the rearview mirror....

I am not a supporter of congress. Hell I don't support any of those "parties". Ironic isn't it...they call themselves parties and say they are doing serious work for our development...anyhooo...I'm glad these guys got a major share of the vote. At least we won't have to hear who is in bed with whom for the next month with the stocks going up and down like Malika Sherawath's neckline (well technically it never goes up but what the hey...was talking about the stocks you pervert)


It makes me SO happy when the exit polls are off by a country mile! Maybe it is the aversion to studying stats at college. Maybe it is just the pleasure of watching the attempts from all the pseudo-news channels to save face.


I am a die hard fan of Sachin, but I think he is a lousy captain...there I said it...Now I can sleep peacefully


Going into a pretty bad downturn (swing doesn't have the "current" sound to it) in my mood...may not post for a while...if I do its gonna be a you have been warned..


Solilo said...

Not a fan of Congress either but happy that we have stability and I am happy that it is UPA and not NDA.

austere said...

It will go in some.
Continuity is good.
Problems wont go away.