Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crash! Boom! Bang!

AND it rained again yesterday....After a long time my trusted steed saw what the road looks like from up close! Yup had an accident...relax don't worry the bike is doing fine ;)

Any hoo what I wanted to post here was thanks to those good Samaritans who appeared from nowhere on the busy Hosur road, helped me out and then disappeared into thin air...Thanks guys...

I guess I can't be cynical for next couple of days now....DAMN!


road_to_perdition said...

:) Humanity is still alive...thank the lord!!

manuscrypts said...

that must hurt na? the lack of cynicism..
good that you're otherwise fine? hell, you're blogging, so you must be :)

Sameer said...

Buy a car... would be good if you could buy wide roads to drive it on too! :)

Epiphany said...

@ RTP: :)

@ Manu: Hurts like hell..it seems as if some one wants me to work without ctrl + C, ctrl + V ;)

@ Sam: BUY A CAR?? That is blasphemous! Yaar tu budha ho gaya hai!! CAR?? tsk tsk tsk