Friday, April 25, 2008

Sanity Prevails

Yesterday before the IPL started I was watching the news. To my pleasant surprise I heard this news about the MPs taking up the cause of the ordinary Indian family and our value system. The cheerleaders employed in IPL are vulgar and obscene. They are degrading to cricket. Next time they dance they should be arrested and thrown in jail just like the Bar dancers.

I am so relieved that AT LAST the saviors of Indian morality came forward and prevented me from sinning and saved my soul from being eternally condemned to the lower echelons of hell.

Thank god the cheerleader are a matter of priority in a country where parents have disowned a girl child. They are right actually, they should be given the right to kill the kid before she is born. Women ARE a burden on the family.

I hope removing the cheerleaders from the clean sport of cricket will stop the rapes of minor girls and public sexual harassments of women who attend parties. Well the rape is a girls fault anyway. She should be held responsible for any corruption of the values of sex starved Indian men.

Lastly I hope that women in close proximity of drunk men at the cricket grounds realize that it is their fault if they end up corrupting HIS moral fiber and god forbid something unpleasant happens to the man.

P.S. - Lets move to Afghanistan next to mullah omar's palatial presidential cave.


Kalkoholism said...

Guma fira ke kya bol raha hai tu!! Directly bolna tuhje cheerleaders chahiye kar ke! ;)

road_to_perdition said...

Dancers cant dance nomore...Brutes cant slap around no more!!
Sigh! IPL just wont be the same without cheerleaders and Bhajji, no?! :>

Epiphany said...

@Kalkot - HAHA - GHANCHAKKAR - It was meant to be a serious post. Anyway if I wanted to see foreigners in mini skirts dancing to bollywood tunes, I would have watched a Hindi movie Item number.

@RTP - Both are aliens any way so no love lost - Dancers are legal ones Bhajji well he is just a natural one :)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

..yes all of them dancing suggestively like that - of course they are asking for it.

frigging moral brigade -