Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Feeding Life

The old man lies there, resigned to his fate
White as the sheets covering him, pale as the dried flowers next to his bed

His eyes are dry, they refuse to shed another tear waiting for the inevitable.
The limbs refuse to carry him any further, just a matter of time now.

Tubes and needles jetting out of him.
His transparent skin is as fragile as the smile of recognition on his face.

The people surrounding him don't know what would be better for him anymore.
Should they hold onto him or let him go?

He closes his eyes one last time, and they know this is the end.
The smile at his spirit and shed a tear for their loss.

The savior moves in with a deathly stealth
The old man opens his eyes, pretending he has some fight left in him.

The old man is devoured by life.
In death he still is useful to some!

P.S. This one was doing rounds in my head for some time now. This is based on a program I saw on Animal Planet about a pack of lions hunting down an old buffalo from a heard. The parallels were so apparent...


Kalkoholism said...

“Tragic Master Piece! It almost feels like the author has died couple of times, before he wrote this” – Nytimes

“Parallax error drawn between the Lion and Old man is hearth wrenching” – Tribune

Also WHY pop ups and ads dude!! -Me

Epiphany said...

1. Dude stop being sarcastic :)
2. The parallax was b/w lion and death
3. :( I can't find the source