Thursday, January 10, 2008

Standing Still

I stand there, gazing through the clear water
Looking at my own two feet
Remembering where they have been
Wondering where are they headed to.

I stand there, waiting for the next wave
feeling the grains of sand between my toes
Waiting for the sand of time
Waiting for it to set me free

I stand there, rooted to mediocrity
wishing and hoping for whats due to me
with every wave hitting my feet
I sink even further,

I stand there, looking at my feet buried in sand
Scared of the permanence, hoping to let go and be free forever
But the sand won't let me free
And the feet convince me to carry on...till the next time


abhi.piscean said...

Good one dude! It seems someone has ignited the spirits of this hidden poet :D

Epiphany said...

someone nai something...a trip to Goa to be exact :D

Meenakshi said...

beautiful !! :)

Praveer said...

I'm waiting for your post on adventures during the Goa Trip :)
After-all me & sandy gave you enough content to write about ;)

Alien said...

long time since i was here.... :-)

will you be writing?

Epiphany said...

@prav...will do

@Alien...yup dude, most definitely, short of stuff to write right now ;)

runningink said...

That's a wonderful feeling standing at a beach with the waves at your feet. I also like the sound of the waves are they rise and die down.