Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Substance Dependence

15th August, 60th anniversary of our independence. This question comes up every year...what does 15th August mean to you??

Well the answer is sad and kinda surprising to me since I never thought about just means another day off. I don't want to listen to what Manmohan Singh has to say about what India is doing BECAUSE of "his" government. And I don't care what BJP says to counter it. I don't vote. I am from the middle class and I AM cynical. Talk about categorization and cliches .

It is not that I am not proud of India or being an Indian. We are what we are DESPITE of the politicians not because of them. 15th Aug just doesn't mean anything to me. I am materialistic and 15th Aug just doesn't mean any thing tangible to me just like my birthday doesn't mean anything to me.

So for all the TV channels that are conducting polls on our "patriotic quotient" my PQ doesn't depend on what day it is!!


Harsha said...

What a man!!

Epiphany said...

@ Harsha: NRIs not allowed to comment about 15th Aug :)