Monday, April 30, 2007

...Of memories and remembrance...

com·mem·o·rate (kə-mĕm'ə-rāt')
tr.v., -rat·ed, -rat·ing, -rates.
  1. To honor the memory of with a ceremony.
  2. To serve as a memorial to.
You only commemorate things that you wanna forget...

Fallen soldiers
Lost Years
Bomb blasts
Men and Ideas

When was the last time you saw somebody regularly celebrating his/her freedom?? It is just only when somebody makes a specific day for it that you get up late and realise O today is a day I need to remember.


The moment you need to commemorate something you should realise all you are trying to do is forget about it.

Commemoration is just another word for death.

P.S. - As soon as a statue is created in somebodies memory, the soul and ideas are burnt to ashes..

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