Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Return of Hugzilla !!

Every family has a standard set of specimens a.k.a relatives who perform a preordained set of functions mandatory to their existence and your demise. This is not the only thing that they are born to do, but this is however, how you will remember them...
  1. The uncle who has a killer dress sense (fatal actually).
  2. The cousin whose music collection you envy.
  3. The aunty who tells dirty jokes to little kids and is pleased no end when they make that weird face as if they didn't understand (These kids have no problems in understanding Eminem's lyrics tho')
  4. The Fav aunty who gets you presents ....and finally
The thing is my dad was in IAF while I was a kid. This reduced the frequency of my meeting them and did the following to my every visit.
  1. Exponentially increased the importance of the visit and the cash I got as a "gift" (bribes actually to eat their food...)
  2. The HUGZILLA attacks got much more violent.
Still cant figure out what I'm talking abut?? If you have seen the new Asian paints ad then you'll know...(The brown wall no no CHOCOLATE coloured wall thingy)... when the Granny finally realises the kids want a Toblorone instead of murabba....she MAULS the poor kid...

This is called a HUGZILLA (the technical term). You stand there waiting for it to end with your lifeless arms hanging by your side like a ragged doll, and your head held in place to save you from whiplash. The joy from your being there makes the Hugzilla shake the shimmy you see...

As you grow, in height that is, you are saved from the WET DISGUSTING kisses but the duration of the Shimmy shake increases along with a marked reduction in the cash you are about to get paid for the 10Th time you are eating lunch at your FAV aunt's place (according to the aunt)....I'd rather earn my money elsewhere......

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